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The Ostrich Approach to Wealth...

Posted on March 6, 2009

We were having a Wealth Mastermind call recently with The Ultimate Game of Life Players and I mentioned that many people have "The Ostrich Approach to Wealth".

In other words, their head is buried in the sand and their butt is up in the air.  PRETTY VULNERABLE IF YOU ASK ME!!!




The call was about pulling your head out of the sand and getting to know the numbers....and here's how.

1- Get a book keeper to give you a monthly PNL (Profit and Loss) for both personal and business
2- Share these numbers with your mastermind group- it's a great way to become authentic, transparent & accountable.
3- Learn the "language of money"- do this by reading other peoples PNL's and talking about them and have them do the same with yours
4- Get the story straight- the numbers tell a story and until you can decipher what its telling you, it's tough to really make changes (you're most likely acting out of fear of the numbers or complete ignorance).

Hope this helps you take another step towards Ultimate Wealth!

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